The following is a list of services we have provided related to sewer ordinances, rates, rules and regulations pertaining to sewer and water systems, and industrial waste pretreatment ordinances.

Environmental Site Assessment Experience

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for a 28-acre tract former state hospital facility and complex

Environmental Site Assessment of the Point Pleasant Pumping Facilities

Evaluation of a Site Assessment for Roadway terminal, Hampden Township, Cumberland County

Heinz Development – Evaluation of industrial site remediation, Lower Allen Township, Cumberland County

West Shore Drive-In Theatre – Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Phillips Office Supply – Evaluation of existing warehouse distribution center, Lower Allen Township, Cumberland County

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment in Union Township, Lebanon County

Wetlands Delineation Experience

Agricultural Utilization Permit for Septage Application, Wetlands Delineation for Permit

Wetlands Delineation of Transfer Station, Hampden Township, Cumberland Co., 1992

Agricultural Utilization Permit for Sewage Sludge Application, Wetlands Delineation for Permit

Wetlands Delineation of Hunt Club Development, Lower Paxton Township, Dauphin County, 1992

Wetlands Delineation for Sewage Treatment Plant Siting

Agricultural Utilization Permit for Septage, Wetlands Delineation for Permit

Low Pressure Sanitary Sewer Experience

When Glace Associates, Inc. analyzes alternatives involving a low pressure system, we weigh the construction costs versus the operation costs and present all the information and our recommendations to the client.  The construction costs for a low pressure system are generally lower than a conventional gravity system because the low pressure system utilizes the topography and pumping to obtain variable grades, which eliminates deep trench cutting.  On the other hand, the operational costs are slightly higher due to the operation and maintenance of the pumps.  In addition, most Federal funding agencies prefer low pressure systems. Glace Associates, Inc. has evaluated, recommended, designed and overseen the construction and maintenance of low pressure sanitary sewer systems for numerous municipalities and clients.

In addition to the services listed above we also have Industrial Pretreatment Experience.


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