Derry Township Experience

1997 - 1998: Storm Sewer Study, Glenwood Area

1999 - 2000: Maitland Gardens Road Improvement Project including Overlay Paving, Road Drainage and Widening

2001: North Mann Avenue Extended, North Locke Avenue Extended and Forest Road Improvement Project including Pavement Overlay, Drainage Improvements and Widening

Granville Township Experience

1993: Pavement Overlay of a Portion of Country Lane (T-664) and Snooks Hill Road (T-709)

1996: Stormwater Analysis of Strodes Mills Area of Granville Township

1997: Road Improvement and Repaving Project for a Portion of Granville Run Road

Granville Township Sewer & Water Department Experience

Glace Associates, Inc. is currently the Sewer & Water Department’s engineer and has completed the design of the sewer system and treatment plant serving Strodes Mill and also an upgrade/rerate of the Junction (Main) Sewage Treatment Plant.

Borough of Gratz & Gratz Borough Municipal Authority Experience

1996: Center Street Water & Sewer Installation

1997: Airport Road Improvements with Overlay Paving and Road Drainage

1999: Grant Application Assistance – DCED

1998-2002: Construction of Sanitary Sewerage System & Upgrade of Sewage Treatment Plant including Permitting, Funding, Rights-of-Way, Construction Management, Inspection, etc.

2001: Construction of New Reservoir

2002: CDBG Grant Application Assistance


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